Pilates and Nordic Walking St. Cugat del Valles and Barcelona
Pilates in Sant Cugat del Valles

Pilates &
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Nordic Walking in Sant Cugat del Valles and Barcelona
Enjoy the beautiful surroundings while Nordic Walking
Pilates is an excellent way to get Fit, Flexible & Toned,
in a Friendly and Relaxing atmosphere. Doina Taylor - Owner
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About me - Doina Taylor My name is Doina Taylor. I originally trained as a nurse (1987-90) but in 1996 I retrained as a physiotherapist. In 2008 after living in Barcelona for eight years I decided to specialize in Pilates and I became a STOTT qualified Pilates teacher in 2009. I have since qualified as a Nordic Walking teacher because this technique adds a cardiovascular component to the postural training that is the foundation of Pilates. More About Me

Pilates is a gentle but effective form of exercise suitable for almost everybody regardless of their age, size or physical ability;
1. It lengthens and strengthens your muscles leading to greater flexibility and ease of movement.
2. It is effective to treat body pain, such as neck, shoulder and back pains as well as improving postural related problems.
3. It also prevents all the above problems so if you feel fine at the moment it will make you feel even better!
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Welcome to Doina Taylor - Pilates and Nordic Walking in Sant Cugat del Valles and Barcelona Nordic Walking can also be done by everyone regardless of age, size and fitness level. Using the poles correctly burns 20% more calories than walking alone, you use 85% of your body's muscles, it instantly improves your posture and tones your upper arms, back, waist and legs. It really is a very complete form of exercise. More about Nordic Walking

NEW - Full Body 'Californian' massage:
"I know I can teach you how to do Pilates exercises that will resolve your pain and improve your posture, amongst other things, and I can teach you the correct Nordic Walking technique to give you a cardiovascular workout and improve your strenghth and stamina but sometimes you just need someone to take away the pain with a deep tissue/corrective massage. I have just completed a course on the Full Body 'Californian' massage technique. I look forward to adding this to my previous knowledge of massage and manual techniques - from my Physio degree and postgraduate courses I have done - to be able to offer specific and whole body massage" - Doina Taylor

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